Reach In

Are you blessed with a stellar voice? Or do you skillfully play a musical instrument? Use your talent to make music to the Lord! Join the committed team of worshippers at NLC Bandra as they lead God’s people into His presence.

A smile, a friendly handshake and a commitment to serve is all you need to join our team of ushers and greeters at NLC Bandra. Joyfully welcome members and newcomers into the house of God, and help them have a better experience with our church family every Sunday.

Would you like to be involved in the children’s ministry at NLC Bandra? From teaching at Sunday School to assisting our dedicated team in organising children’s programmes round the year, there’s a whole lot you can do to bless our little ones.

Are you looking for an opportunity to use your dancing or choreography skills to worship in the house of God? Join Untamed (dance ministry at NLC Bandra) and get groovy with our dancers. It’s time to pump it up for Jesus!

Are you called to be an intercessor? Don’t wait another minute; join the prayer team at NLC Bandra. The Prayer Eagles are a group of powerful prayer warriors, constantly backing our people as well as every service, mission and project of the church in prayer.

Usually the first to arrive and the last to leave, our logistics team works behind the scenes to set up and tear down the sound and equipment week after week. Want to put your hand to the plough too? Join them over the weekends in getting the house ready for worship.

At NLC Bandra, we have an enthusiastic group of servers that helps prepare for the Sunday worship service. Be a part of the team as they help set up and serve people during important parts of the church service such as the Communion and Tithes & Offerings.

Quit being a drama queen and get involved in the real thing! The Skitters (theatre ministry at NLC Bandra) is run by a fun and talented group of actors whose passion is to spread the message of Jesus through powerful drama and theatre productions.

From writers to graphic designers, and photographers to video producers, the media gurus at NLC Bandra are a bunch of trained professionals oozing with creativity. Join our media and production team and we promise to put your creativity to good use.

You are blessed to be a blessing! Apart from bringing your tithes into the storehouse, we at NLC Bandra, encourage you to give, generously and cheerfully, towards those in need, or to support various church needs, projects, mission efforts and more.

Reach Out

We are the body of Christ, and if one of us hurts, we all do. Be a part of the comfort ministry and show the family of God you care. Visit/ encourage/ pray for the sick, elderly or lonely… or go ahead and prepare a meal for someone who’s just had a baby or lost a loved one.

We believe the children are the future; and Metro Ministries is all about taking the gospel of Jesus to the children in the streets. Join the Club Baloo team of vibrant youngsters (and the big yellow bus) as they bring music, games, goodies and the Word of God to eager children week after week!

Do you have a heart for old people; to care for, comfort and encourage them? Well, that’s all you need to be a blessing to the seniors. Join our team in organising visits to old age homes around the year and bring a smile to those pretty faces.

If you have a heart for the sick and faith to see them well, come join the hospital and nursing home ministry. Visit and pray for the sick, share the gospel of Jesus with them and watch God do the miraculous in their lives! [Disclaimer: Testimonies will follow.]

‘The Great Commission’ is for all of us. But if you are ready to take it up a notch and let God use you as a dedicated evangelist to bring in the harvest, our team of part-time and full-time evangelists will give you that hands-on training and help you grow in your calling.

God desires for us to visit orphans and widows. Out of this was birthed a ministry that reaches out to various childcare centres and orphanages in and around the city. With fun evangelical programmes as well as monetary and other aid, you can be a part of the incredible times we have with the kids.